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What is The Gospel?

The gospel means good news, and the good news of the gospel is that God's grace has entered into the darkness of this world to give hope to all people. We are a people in need of hope because sin has destroyed our fellowship with our Creator, and we all rightly fall under God's righteous judgment.

But God, being rich in mercy and because of His great love for us, provides a way for us to be saved from His wrath and secure eternal life with Him. God does this by offering a living hope, Jesus Christ, His Son. Jesus is the hope of the gospel and the hope for all people. His death on the cross satisfies the demands of God's holy justice and wrath, and His resurrection confirms that death is defeated and there is hope in this life and the life to come for all who put their trust in Jesus alone. There is no other name by which men can be saved, so we make it our aim to proclaim Christ and Him crucified until He returns and makes all things new.


Our mission is simple: we exist to ignite a passion to follow Jesus. We seek to proclaim the simple but life-changing message of the gospel of Jesus in the Greenwood community, the Indianapolis-metro area and across the globe. Our passion is Jesus, and our heart's desire is to spread His fame until He comes again.

Belong. Grow. Multiply.

So how do we make our mission a reality? We want you to belong, grow, and multiply, at College Park Greenwood. We believe that the local church is the best place to belong. The church ought to be a place where you can be known and know others in the context of biblical community. This community of believers spurs one another on to grow in faith and become more like Jesus as we sing the Word, hear the Word, and pray the Word together. Ultimately, our goal is to multiply the grace we’ve been shown in Christ by sharing the message of the gospel we’ve received with others.