Sunday Services at 9am and 10:45am

Membership & Baptism


Joining a church should not be done in haste, but rather, with prayerful care and thoughtful consideration. If you’re interested in what it means to be a member of College Park Greenwood, we invite you to attend a Membership Class. There, you’ll learn what we believe together as a church and how we live it out together.


Baptism by immersion is an outward display of an inner transformation. It signifies one's death to sin and newness in Jesus Christ. Because the Great Commission commands us to baptize (Matt. 28:19-20), we view baptism as an important step for all believers.

Youth Baptism

If your child is interested in being baptized at College Park, please:

  • Complete the online application 
  • After you submit an application, we will be in touch with you with information about the Parent Orientation Session that you must attend before the baptism.