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What Awnana is All About

"We believe that the sweet spot of discipleship happens at the intersection of highly relational and highly scriptural. Awana calls this The Great Connection. This disciple-making approach is at the core of every Awana program." 

Awana is a very adaptable program and can look slightly different at different churches. Nevertheless, there are a few core elements that typically stay the same. The program typically runs for an hour and a half to two hours and includes;

Large Group - a time for a Bible lesson, worship, recognition, skits, or anything else that would bring growth as a whole.
Small Group - a time for discipleship, individual prayer and requests shared, and Scripture memory.
Activity Time - a time to have lots of fun and for leader to encourage and get to know their students in a different environment. This is a great way for a small group to cheer on their teammates and work together- whether through games, crafts, puzzles, or team building activities. 

The core of Awana at College Park Church Greenwood is the Word of God taught in a relational way. Our hope is to see these children grow to love God and His word more and more each day.